Septic Tank Installation & Repair

Do you need a repair performed on your existing septic system, or do you want to update your home’s or business’s system to a newer and more efficient model? Lea County Septic Tank Service, LTD.CO in Hobbs, NM is here for you. Our over 50 years of experience shines through because we’ve seen it all! We’re consistently pushing ourselves to stay ahead of trends so our customers are not only getting great service, but also the best products.

Septic Tank Installation in Hobbs, NM | Lea County Septic Tank Service, LTD.CO

Want a New Septic Tank Installed? We Have Options!

Along with size, the tank’s material is an option for those who are replacing their septic system. Read on below for more information about each one so you can make a more informed decision.


Concrete septic tanks are the most common type of tank. Although they are durable for a few decades, they are susceptible to cracking or separation. We recommend having us manually inspect these tanks periodically to ensure they are in good working condition.


Of the three choices, steel is the least popular due to its propensity to rust leading to corrosion and limited life. Covers can be replaced to extend the life of the tank, which is something to consider when purchasing a septic system. If you move into a home with a steel septic system, please give us a call to inspect the entire tank system.


While fiberglass tanks are less vulnerable to rust compared to their steel counterparts, their lower weight can make them more susceptible to structural damage. It can also shift in the soil, which can lead to alignment issues with incoming and outgoing pipes.

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Let Us Repair Your Septic System!

From replacing a broken pipe to digging a drain field, Lea County Septic Tank Service, LTD.CO is here for you. We even offer same-day service!

Drainfield Failure

A drainfield is the section of land designated for water to filter from the septic tank. Problem is, it doesn’t last forever. Soil can get clogged up from the sludge that forms in the septic tank and seeps out into the drainfield. This leads to wastewater rising to the surface and becoming unsafe for your home or business. We can dig you a new drainfield to ensure water is being filtered properly.

Broken Pipe

There are many reasons a pipe might break, but a few include a tree root growing into them, soil shifting around a pipe and pushing it out of alignment, or simply the pipe just deteriorates due to age. If a broken pipe isn’t repaired, it can lead to more costly repairs or full replacements. Call us today to inspect your septic system!

Replacing Bacteria

Bacteria plays a role in breaking down waste within the septic system. Over time bacteria dies and therefore waste isn’t broken down efficiently leading to back ups. However, replacing the bacteria can help ensure waste is properly disposed of in an efficient manner.

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