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Lea County Septic Tank Service, LTD.CO is a family-owned and operated business founded in 1968. With more than 50 years of experience, we provide expert septic tank services for Hobbs, NM and surrounding communities. We want to ensure your valuable investment in a septic system lasts and works at peak performance for years to come. Let us show you how Lea County Septic Tank Service, LTD.CO can help your family or business today!
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Septic Tank Cleaning in Hobbs, NM | Lea County Septic Tank Service, LTD.CO

Notice Wastewater Damaging Your Beautiful Yard?

A clean septic system removes wastewater from your home to the drainfield seamlessly. However, if you fail to pump the septic tank frequently enough, it can lead to an early drainfield and costly repairs. We recommend a regular pumping schedule to keep your system working as intended to avoid the costly replacement route.

Septic Replacement Services

Don’t Let Sewer Backup Impact Your Bottom Line!

Commercial septic systems get a little more use than residential septic systems due to the number of employees. This means your system might need to be pumped and cleaned out more often. We provide sludge pumping to keep your pipes in tip-top shape so wastewater flows smoothly away from your business. Keep your employees comfortable and productive, and let us take away Yesterday’s Meals on Wheels.

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“Yesterday’s Meals on Wheels”