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Lea County Septic Tank Service, LTD.CO in Hobbs, NM is a licensed home inspection company ready to take a detailed look at your home or land transfer to ensure it’s safe and up to code. We work with the homeowner to review our findings and ensure they are fixed.

Buying a home that isn’t hooked up to a city sewage system requires the use of a septic system. Unfortunately, the septic system usually isn’t one of the top items on a home buyer’s checklist, but there’s nothing worse than purchasing a home only to find out your septic system needs replacing.
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Home Inspections in Hobbs, NM | Lea County Septic Tank Service, LTD.CO

What to Expect

We recommend maintenance take place each year, so we can inspect your system for any issues. Seeing that the septic tank is the most expensive household fixture, it’s imperative you have the right team take a look. Let us keep your family safe from noxious fumes, and bacteria and pathogens from wastewater.

When we inspect your septic system we will perform these specific services:

  Identify the last time the tank was pumped. Sludge levels help determine this date

  Check to see if sludge level indicates tank needs pumping

  Ensure tank and drainfield are far away from wells and streams

  Identify whether the tank is large enough for the home that it serves & many more!

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